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AgriFI annual report 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the vulnerability of agricultural value chains, and the sector needs support from de-risking financial instruments such as EDFI AgriFI.

Building up on the positive momentum of the facility’s first fully operational year in 2019, the team concluded two further investments in collaboration with European DFIs in 2020.
At the end of the year, EDFI AgriFI had managed to contract half of the available capital for the global facility. The facility successfully contracted EUR 3 m to Alterfin, a cooperative supporting sustainable family farming in developing countries. There was also EUR 0.6m to Kossam, a subsidiary of La Laiterie Du Berger, which is in charge of milk collection from semi-nomadic herders in Senegal.
Despite the practical challenges posed by the pandemic, the team managed to build a strong pipeline, mobilising virtually almost all of the funds entrusted to it. The six projects contemplated, which are mostly active in sub-Saharan Africa, will keep diversifying existing portfolio across impact funds, financial institutions and agricultural SMEs.

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