Investment Process

ElectriFI’s investment process is comparable to any process a professional investor would follow.

It is a two-stage approval process. Firstly, the ElectriFI Investment Committee (IC) provides a Clearance in Principle (CiP) allowing for further due diligence, and secondly it gives a final approval on the investment opportunity, including the terms and conditions of ElectriFI’s financing.

The IC includes members appointed by several European DFIs and the EC.

ElectriFI will enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and issue a letter of interest prior to due diligence. The prospect will provide ElectriFI with access to an extensive data room. The in-depth Due Diligence will include a field visit. ElectriFI will draft a term sheet that will be signed prior to submitting the opportunity for final approval to the IC. Once the project is approved by the IC, the team will request a final KYC clearance and execute the legal documentation. Subject to satisfaction of Conditions Precedent, the (first) disbursement will be made.

Reporting requirements on financial and impact indicators will be included in the legal documentation and are part of the monitoring of active investments.

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