Our offering

Ticket size

From 1 to 5 million euros; capped at 50% of the project cost/funding round

Medium – long term tenure

Temporary investments that have a transformative potential within a 5-7 years period (min. 3 years) with a clearly defined exit strategy

Flexible instruments

Equity, quasi-equity, junior/senior debt, both at corporate and project level. AgriFI does not provide grants, concessional loans, or other low-cost capital


Agricultural / forestry value chains, excluding food crops used for biofuels, tobacco and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

Additionality and catalyst role

Funding to be additional to what is offered by other market players (DFIs, impact investors, banks) and thus catalyse co- or future investments

Flexible commercial terms

Pricing and return expectations subjected to Business model, stage of the company, track-record, country risk, technology risk, and overall fund targets – but always reflecting market rates

Local currency

Both local currency and hard currency financing

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