ElectriFI can invest with equity, quasi equity, junior debt, senior debt and/or guarantees, both at corporate level and project SPV level. ElectriFI will consider the companies’ needs and the availability of other funding sources to design an adequate product offering.

ElectriFI does not provide grants, concessional loans or other low-cost capital. The pricing of the investments and return expectations are guided by several factors, including business model, stage of the company, track record of the team and country, market specific elements, as well as the fund’s overall return targets.

ElectriFI seeks to co-invest with sponsors and other likeminded investors (DFIs and impact investors) and thus will not invest more than 50% of the total project cost / funding round. The investment amounts vary between EUR 2 and EUR 5 million, with a minimum of EUR 0.5 million. Maximum exposure per investee is limited to EUR 10 million.

ElectriFI has been set up with an initial 10 years’ lifetime, with a subsequent maximum tenor of 7 years. ElectriFI can provide financing both in local currency and hard currency.

For late stage development costs, ElectriFI has designed a short-term and interest-free Development Finance Loan, to help prospects overcome the last hurdles to qualify for a full-fledged investment.

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